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Fall Crackfilling: A Contractor’s Most Lucrative Service

Fall Crackfilling: A Contractor’s Most Lucrative Service

by Judson Burdon, Asphalt Kingdom


An unseasonably warm summer can be a contractor's best friend - or worst enemy.  How can you convince customers they need to act now to prepare their asphalt for winter?

Like most things in life, it is better to educate the customer and let them sell themselves.  Most customers don't know that asphalt is the second most expensive thing on their property (their roof being the most expensive) and that the cost of maintaining it is negligable in comparison to the cost of replacing it.

When it seems like summer will never end, it can be tough to convince people that ice and snow are coming, but it's critical that potential customers understand how the freeze-thaw cycle can expand cracks from small eyesores into full on potholes.

Here are five things to include when you are educating potential prospects:

1) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Show customers diagrams of a crack over time, first starting out as a small crack, then vegetation growing up through it, then water freezing to ice in it, and finally the crack expanding into a pothole.  You've probably got dozens of photos in your cell phone's camera - scroll through and find good examples to print out and share with your customers.

2) Show Them The Money

If known, compare the cost of a bi-annual crackfill and sealcoat and linestriping program to the cost of ripping up and replacing asphalt in your town.  

3) Give Them Good - Better - Best

A good contractor knows that the client already has an idea of their maintenance budget when you walk through their door.  Be ready with quotes for:

  • Good: Emergency fall maintenance - cleaning out vegetation and sealing cracks.
  • Better: Full driveway cleaning, leveling up indentations before they become potholes, and filling all cracks.
  • Best: Full driveway repair plus sealcoating so that the rich black color will attract sun and make your driveway more solar-powered.  A solar-powered driveway often melts light snow and ice away as the dark color attracts the sun's heat.

4) Offer An Annual Maintenance Plan

You never walk out of the dentist's office without knowing when your next appointment is - why leave your clients in the fog?  Tell them when to expect to need service again and what to watch for in the interim, and then let them know when you will be following up to book their next maintenance appointment.  A good job speaks for itself and repeat customers will be grateful to know you are looking out for them.

5) Offer A Discount For Referrals

Word of mouth is the best way to get business as we all know - so how do you get your clients to be 'mouthy'?  Offer them a discount for every customer they refer to you.  The discount can be money off their next service, or even extra services like mid-season cleaning or spring line touch-ups.  Get creative and be generous with your customers so they are generous with you too.

There you have it - five ways to help you win more end of season business.  If you need any asphalt equipment or supplies, including great pricing on crack filler and crack melting machines, visit our website or call us at 1-866-399-5562.


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